Magnet – Raising brand awareness and design trend report


Cube were tasked with creating a bespoke kitchen trend design report for Magnet. This was to show the key kitchen trends for the year, whilst simultaneously bringing awareness of Magnet’s products.


The cover of the report took inspiration from one the popular trends inside ‘Glossy’ magazine. We used a fine metallic green finish to replicate this style and then used thin strokes to create the ‘2013’ bespoke typeface.

Within the report itself, we used French collage for image – taking inspiration from fashion magazines. We complemented this with a classy typeface that sat extremely well next to the images of the timeless shaker kitchen, which Magnet kitchens were celebrating.

Featured sections of the report included a ‘Trend Watch’, a timeline of ‘The Timeless Shaker’ and ‘Blogger Predictions,’ to name a few.

Cube conducted thorough research into the year’s kitchen trends and from there tailored each of the sections to suit the trend we were discussing.


Increased brand awareness positively impacted the decision-making of Magnet’s consumers. Magnet’s performance marketing goals were achieved by building an audience of potential leads through this brand awareness campaign.

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Magnet Kitchens Brochure Design by Cube Creative
Magnet Kitchens Spring Collection Design by Cube Creative
Magnet Kitchens Brochure Design by Cube Creative

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