CubeCore CMS

Our tried and tested, license free CMS, CubeCore, is widely used across the NHS, Healthcare the wider public sector. It is entirely modular based in its architecture so new functionality can be easily added without need for major redevelopment.

Cube Core Features:

Page Builder with drag and drop components

Intuitive drag and drop web component direct into your web page.

QR code Generator

Share and manage all the digital resources.

On Page editing

WYSIWYG (wiz-ee-wig) see and edit content live.

Fully Responsive

Automatically adjust for different screen sizes and devices.

User Permissions

Grant or restrict features from specific users groups.


100% secure giving you peace of mind.

Integrated SEO Tools

Optimise your on-page SEO, with our built in SEO tools.

Media Manager

Upload and manage all you web site media in one place.

Version control and Author notifications

Makes sure your online resources are relevant and up to date.

Our developers ability to develop a bespoke CMS framework shows a high level of technical skill and knowledge coupled with an experienced front-end design team.

This knowledge transfers to open source CMS development and ensures we have the complex functionality capability in house to deliver the exact client requirements. CubeCore is also fully future proof and can integrate with any 3rd Party API keys and the growth and expansion of different types of devices websites so you can rest assured that we can provide a completely responsive site for your system. This will allow one set of data to be viewed on various devices and will automatically adapt for mobile, tablet and desktop formats.

To Arrange a Demo of Cube Core

If you want to see a Demo of Cube Core, please fill in the below form below and we will be in contact t arrange a mutual time.

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