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Step into the future of web management with CubeCore, our advanced, precision-engineered content management system, designed for seamless integration and adaptability. Built with modularity and high-tech efficiency, CubeCore empowers you with the tools to create a robust, dynamic online presence.

Our team's ability to develop a bespoke CMS framework showcases our high level of technical skill and knowledge, complementing our front-end design capabilities. This expertise extends to open-source CMS development, ensuring that we can implement complex functionalities in-house to meet precise client specifications.

CubeCore CMS

CubeCore CMS simplifies website management with an intuitive page builder featuring drag-and-drop capabilities for effortless customisation of web pages. Whether you need to add new features or redesign an existing layout, our CMS adapts to your needs.

You can choose from flexible support packages, tailored to fit your unique needs and budget. Plus, any unused hours can be redirected to other projects as required, so you’ll always get the most out of our services.

CubeCore is not only future-proof but is also fully responsive, seamlessly integrating with any third-party API and adapting to the continuous growth and diversity of device types. This ensures that your website remains consistent and useable, no matter how your audience accesses your site.

Enhance your site’s SEO with CubeCore’s integrated tools, increasing your brand’s online visibility and traffic.

With top-tier security protocols in place, CubeCore ensures that your digital presence is safe from vulnerabilities.

Additionally, a comprehensive media manager and precise version control system keep your content current and engaging, alerting you when updates are necessary to maintain your digital presence’s integrity and appeal.

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Page Builder with drag and drop components

Intuitive drag and drop web component direct into your web page.

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QR code Generator

Share and manage all the digital resources.

Cube Website Icons-38

On Page editing

WYSIWYG (wiz-ee-wig) see and edit content live.

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Fully Responsive

Optimise your on-page SEO, with our built in SEO tools.

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User Permissions

Grant or restrict features from specific users groups.

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Version control and Author notifications

Makes sure your online resources are relevant and up to date.

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PDF to HTML converter

Bulk or individual PDF conversion direct to your CMS.

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Conditional Logic e-Form Builder

Customise your own conditional logic e-forms with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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100% secure giving you peace of mind.

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Integrated SEO Tools

Optimise your on-page SEO, with our built in SEO tools.

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Media Manager

Upload and manage all you web site media in one place.

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Licence Free

No annual licence fee, meaning huge cost saving.

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24/7 Support Ticket

Dedicated 24/7 mailbox support

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Dedicated Support Team

Speak direct with the dev team.

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Continuous Training

Online Training, User Guide and How to Videos.