Bradford City and Bradford District CCGs

Project: Bradfords Healthy Hearts Campaign

The brief
Bradford has one of the highest mortality rates from heart disease in England, with more than 700 deaths each year. One in five people over the age of 65 dies from coronary heart disease and one in two people will die from some form of vascular disease.
The campaign needed to raise awareness of heart disease and educate people on how to lower their risk. The campaign also needed to appeal to people of all ages and ethnicities.

Our solution
The shocking fact that heart disease is Bradford’s biggest killer led to a “Hitchcock who done it?” inspired design, depicting a crime scene with evidence pointing to the main factors of heart disease and strokes.
Posters, banners, social media graphics and a fully responsive award-winning website were created to maximise impact.

The outcomes
In its first year of operation, Bradford’s Healthy Hearts helped 14,000 patients in the Bradford area and has already potentially prevented 50 heart attacks and 50 strokes. NHS RightCare are promoting the initiative as best practice to other CCGs that are focussed on CVD as part of their strategy for 2017 and it is hoped that over 20 CCGs will be using the materials as part of their own local plans.

NHS Braford Healthy Hearts Website by Cube Creative
NHS Braford Healthy Hearts Campaign by Cube Creative
NHS Braford Healthy Hearts Banner Pull Ups by Cube Creative

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