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Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS

Trust Vision and Value Brand

Cube was commissioned to support the Trust through a period of transition. This would require engagement with staff across multiple sites, as well as with patients, family members, and local care organisations. The project aimed to gauge people’s perceptions of the Trust both as a care provider and an employer, laying the groundwork for a new, relevant, and comprehensible vision and values.

The project unfolded in early 2019, involving extensive research and engagement efforts. Cube devised a comprehensive engagement strategy spanning all Trust sites over a 14-day period, including weekends. Over 2,000 individuals were engaged through questionnaires, with an additional 3,000 reached via an online survey. Workshops were conducted with participants from various hospital departments, including the Trust Executive Team.

Following the engagement phase, focus groups were convened, comprising guests from initial sessions, to delve into insights and develop ideas around the fundamental questions of the Trust’s identity and purpose. These discussions, alongside wider engagement sessions, led to the formulation of resonant and meaningful statements.

This engagement process facilitated the development and validation of the Trust’s vision and values, culminating in a collective commitment to care, respect, teamwork, and improvement. Cube translated these principles into a visually impactful identity, ensuring it resonated with all stakeholders.

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