e-Forms and Workflow Solution

At Cube, we have developed a fully customisable conditional logic e-form builder with an integrated workflow process.

With our solution, any organisation can build any eForm using the intuitive drag-and-drop conditional logic form builder that integrates into the fully customisable built-in workflow process, making day-to-day activities for each department more streamlined.

This solution allows all staff members access to their internal forms no matter where they work, what time of the day or what shift they are on; it allows them to initiate any process, from expense claims, holiday requests, maternity leave… in fact, anything that your organisation requires can be created, meaning improved efficiencytracking and cost savings for your organisation

e-Form and Workflow Features Features:

Conditional Logic e-Form Builder

Customise your own conditional logic e-forms with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


Add unlimited workflow streams.

User/Editor Permissions

Grant or restrict features for specific users and groups.

Active Directory (AD) integration

Seamless login for all your staff members with AD integration.

Alerts and notification

Send alters and notification direct to each workflow.

Mobile Access

Access, anywhere from your mobile device.

Data Archive and Destruction.

Super admin can download a copy of the data for offline storage and destroy the online data.

Improve Efficiency

Improve form processing by 200%

Licence Free 

No annual licence fee, meaning huge cost saving.

To see a Demo of our eForm and Workflow Solution

If you want to see a arrange a demo of our solution, please fill in the below form and we will be in contact t0 arrange a mutual time.

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