PDFs to HTML converter,
in just in one click.

Does your website host 100s, if not 1000s of PDFs? 

Are your PDF accessible? 

If not, Are you struggling with time, resources and know-how to convert them?

Over the years, PDFs have been widely accepted as the file format for documents, often resembling their print counterparts. While PDFs are excellent for preserving original formatting, they can present challenges in meeting the Cabinet Office Accessibility Regulation for all public body websites. 

 At Cube, we have developed an API solution that can plug into your current CMS and seamlessly convert all your PDF, Word and Excel Documents to a web pages. If you want to find out more, please register your interest below.

PDF Converter Features:

Seamless PDF to HTML conversion

Bulk or individual PDF conversion direct to your CMS.

API integration

Seamless integration into almost and CMS.

On Page editing

WYSIWYG (wiz-ee-wig) see and edit content live.

Fully Responsive

Automatically adjust for different screen sizes and devices.


WC3 compliant.

QR code Generator

Share and manage all the digital resources.

Milti-template outputs

We will design and build templates to match your website design.

Print, download and Share options

Once converted, the end user can either download, print or share the information.

Version control and Author notifications

You will have the tools to keep all your documents up to date.

Register your interest Below

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