NHS Bolton CCG needed a campaign to help raise awareness of the issues caused by the incorrect use of antibiotic medicines and the stockpiling of unused wasted repeat prescription medicines which costs the NHS around £300 million every year (up to £1.5 million in Bolton alone).

They wanted a campaign that was eye catching and memorable yet tackled these hard & difficult topics of conversation.

The brief was approached with the attitude that the creative needed to be flexible in order to deliver two diverse but important messages, with this in our heads we created a concept that was born with colour and impact. Using bright colours that responded well to our key audience we created a set of illustrations and a tone of voice that was all about getting the community to understand… “Our Responsibility?”. By encouraging the ‘US’ rather than the ‘THEM’ we felt that our messages really spoke out to the people of Bolton. One of the factors of this campaign for Cube was to address the source of the problem,  and to educate the community so that the camapaign would have as much impact as possible. From there we created the ‘Pill Bottle’ a fun and vibrant infographic which supports all of our campaign.

We created multi-material collateral including A3 Foldout Leaflets, A3 Posters, Ambient Advertising, Prescription Bags, Pill box’s, Press Adverts and a sweet little microsite thats choc full of interactivity.

NHS Bolton Waste Medication pull ups by Cube Creative
NHS Bolton Waste Medication mobile app by Cube Creative
NHS Bolton Waste Medication campaign by Cube Creative

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