NHS Bolton

Project: Stop Smoking in Pregnancy Service re-brand

NHS Bolton needed a campaign to help raise awareness of the issues caused by smoking during pregnancy and the services that are available to help and support pregnant women smoking at the time of delivery (SATOD). The pre – campaign statistics were pretty damning; with Bolton having amongst the highest percentage of pregnant women smokers in the UK. a concept and strategy by initially developing a relevant and engaging title – Bump the Habit, we then created a campaign aimed at highlighting the issues of smoking during pregnancy and the support and care that is available. Work included stakeholder engagement to determine the most relevant and appropriate branding followed by a localised PR campaign, social media campaign, cards and mailers, new website and online advertising, local media press advertising, radio advertising, GP leaflets and posters and a 3 month town centre outdoor advertising campaign.


Between January to March 2013 the Bump the Habit campaign and team was instrumental in reducing the % of women smoking at time of delivery from 17.3% to 14.4% and today, Bolton has the lowest % of women smoking at time of delivery in its history! Cube are proud to have been part of the campaign that reduced the numbers of women smoking at the time of delivery (SATOD) to the lowest in the towns history.

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