NHS Counter Fraud Authority – Rebranding and Communications Campaign



Fraud in the NHS is costing in excess of £1.25b per year, that’s £3.5million per day. It is an eye-watering amount of money that is large enough to help increase NHS funds rather than line the pockets of criminals.

NHS Protect, as they had been known, was to re-launch as an authority following a directive from The Cabinet Office and Dept of Health. The new authority was tasked with combating fraud, bribery and corruption in the NHS, and was to do so under the new name of the NHS Counter Fraud Authority.

Following a competitive pitch, Cube was commissioned to develop the brand messaging and help launch the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHS CFA) and provide ongoing support in an awareness building campaign.


A hard-hitting strategy was developed, which focussed on raising awareness of the cost of fraud in the NHS.  

This strategy was supported by a full re-branding and communications campaign aimed at NHS leaders in Finance, HR, Procurement and Communications.

The launch took place on 1st November 2017. The suite of marketing material included posters, banner pull ups, brochure and social media messaging as well as a number of videos for social media channels and two main videos highlighting fraud in the NHS and the role of the newly formed NHS CFA authority. These videos can be viewed by clicking on the links.


The profile of NHS CFA was massively increased in government and Cabinet Office. There was also a renewed interest in organisations wanting to connect with and find out more about the authority and what could be done to prevent fraud.

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NHS Counter Fraud Authority Brochure
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NHS Counter Fraud Authority Poster

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